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 - Ireland • November 2013 



The Why Not? Adventure Film Festival  was started in Galway on November 2012. It's entirely run by a small team of volunteers with a passion for adventure and music.

In 2012, over two days the adventure film festival  screened award winning adventure sport films from Ireland and across the globe and hosted talks by Irish adventurers about what drives them to sometimes take, quite frankly, crazy risks in the pursuit of adventure.

We also had live  music over two nights by 9 bands and some of Ireland's freshest musical talent

For a peak at last years festival see our 2012  schedule .

WNAFF 2013
We've made a few changes to this years festival. We'll be in three different cities and towns for the first time. We're not having a panel of guest speakers although we are working on a different concept involving guest speakers at the after-party. Last year we hosted 9 bands in 3 different venues as part of the after-party. This was a mammoth task, and we won't be repeating it again for this year. Fear not though. There will be an after-party, and it will involve a DJ/band in a kick-ass location. 

The good news is that we have a fabulous line up of films this year. As we did last year.  We have four  feature length Irish premiere's including the amazing and award winning Mc Conkey and Arrival. Be the first in Ireland to see these epic films. This year we also have over 20 shortlisted short films, which will be shown in conjunction with the feature films. The best short film, as decided by our panel of judges, will win a €500 cash prize.

New to this year’s festival we will be experimenting with a concept we’re dubbing the ‘Choose Your Own Soundtrack’ movie experiment (catchy, eay?). The idea is similar to a silent disco. The audience will get a set of headphones and be able to chose from several soundtracks throughout the movie. It should make for unique experience. Unfortunately we’ll only be doing this at our Dublin screenings. And for only one screening.

Also as part of the Dublin festival we'll also be using another new concept we're dubbing Judge & Jury. It's one special screenings were audience vote decides which film screens. Choose a feature film from the official selection when you buy your ticket online and discover if the rest of the audience voted for the same film. The catch? You don’t find out which film is screening until you’re sitting in your seat!! Surprse! Both films involve mountain culture, so even if you don't wind up watching the film you picked, you'll still enjoy the show. Promise.

In a departure from last year’s six guest speakers and one workshop, this year we have no guest speakers. We are working on a concept with Ignite Dublin as part of the after party, but this may or may not pan out. We do believe that guest speakers should form an integral part of the festival, but as this is only our second year and we’re limited by resources, we’ve chosen innovation and uncertainty over predictability. When we envisioned this adventure film festival, we imagined something that offered more than the industry standard of films and speakers. We really want to offer something different to the audience. Last year it was the ‘live soundtrack’ experience. This year it’s the ‘silent soundtrack’  and 'Judge & Jury' concepts. 

 This year we've teamed up with the good folk at Concern Challenges, who are offering  a four day trip to Ben Nevis, Scotland, travel and accommodation included. as one of the prizes for festival goer's. Scotland doesn't float your boat? No problem. They’ll help you subsidise a trip on one of their Concern Challenges to , Nepal, Kilimanjaro or Kenya to the tune of €1000. Why? Because they’re really nice people.  Pretty epic right? And the crew at Headphone Disco have donated the headphones for us to experiment with the 'silent soundtrack’ concept. So what we lack in big budget, we make up for in big ideas and great partners.

We hope you see you at WNAFF 2013. Spread the love and follow us on Facebook. We're on Twitter too. 

The WNAFF Crew (Graham, Martin & Charlotte)

Why Not? Adventure Film Festival 2013
When & Where:
Dublin: November 16th
Castlebar: November 21st
Galway: November 30th



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