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The Why Not? Adventure Film Festival (WNAFF), was founded in 2012 and is an annual Adventure Sports Documentary film festival hosted in Ireland. The festival has one aim, to inspire people to undertake their own adventures, no matter how small!

Stories are shared through films and speakers and always over post festival pints!

About Graham Clarke, Founder & Festival Director.
Known to have once lived in a tent for 10 months, Graham is also a self-confessed closet productivity geek.

...Always find these bio’s awkward. Clearly I’m writing about myself! Hardly grounds for objectivity.  Anywho, some background on me. Founded the Why Not? Adventure Film Festival in 2012 for two simple reasons. One, to inspire people to get outside more, explore and undertake their own adventures. No matter how small. And two, to honour the filmmakers that bring their vision of the outdoors to us.

I studied Adventure Management, Outdoor Education and Business Studies in Ireland and Parks & Recreation in wonderful North Carolina, USA. After my undergrad I thought it would be fun to do an MSc in Sustainable Development. It wasn’t. Should have spent that time grifting...missed opportunity.

I got involved in the outdoors early, aged 5, because of my dad. Despite my remarkable ability to listen to no-one, terrible sense of direction and repeatedly putting myself in danger, my dad saw the benefit of an outdoor education for his children. He is the quintessential outdoors man. Tough as nails single minded and smart. Also his feet also don’t sweat. Which is a little weird but a massive bonus if you’re sharing a tent for a few days.

I’ve travelled to 36 countries so far, mostly trekking, climbing, or kayaking. Although the mountains were what held my fascination as a young boy and teenager I was introduced to white-water kayaking at 19. And that was that. Feel in love, learned fast, travelled through Europe, Norway, the West Coast of Canada, East and West Coast US, Uganda, Nepal and New Zealand. Did a few first descents and made a movie about it. Which people actually bought. Mostly my family.

More recently, in 2014, after watching Mc Conkey and Janapar: Love on a Bike at our 2013 festival myself and my wife of one year decided to quit our jobs and go cycling though Asia, hiking through New Zealand and hangout in Patagonia for a few months. We called it our MegaMoon. Probably the best experience of my life.

Now living back on the stunning west coast of Ireland and trying to make every minute count. 


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