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2014 Film Submission Guidelines

Submitting Your Film
The are two categories of film submissions.Professional & Amateur. We only accept digital downloads, with the exception of feature films. You can send your film to us via Dropbox, , File Transfer Protocols (FTP’s) or other file sharing platform’s.

Film Format.
Please submit your film in MP.4 or Quick Time format. We prefer Quick Time 1920 x 1080 HD using a h265 codec. We will also accept films in MP4 format. 

Disclaimer: If films aren't in this format or the highest quality format we can't guarantee the quality of the projection on the screen.

Feature Length Films.
We will only be screening one feature length film at this year’s event (2014). If you have a feature length film you wish to submit please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. WNAFF Since 2012

Festival Edit’s of Feature Length Films.
We accept festival edits of feature length films, which can be up to 40 mins long.

Short Films.
Short films should be a minimum length of 3 minutes and a maximum length of 20 minutes. There are two categories; Amateur and Professional. Below are some guidelines to aid amateur film makers with their submissions.

Amateur Submission Commandments.
1. Thou shalt think long and hard about what type of music to use on your soundtrack. 
2. Thou shalt not use any mainstream 'pop' music on your soundtrack. (e.g. Chemical Brothers, Rhiana, Beastie Boyz).
3. Thou shalt credit any music you use on your soundtrack.
4. Thou shalt tell a story in your film. Resist the urge to just use footage and music.


Professional submissions must have the artist’s permission to use their music on the films soundtrack.
Amateur submissions do not need the permission of the artist, but do need to credit artists on the films soundtrack (e.g. through the use of end credits).


Submission Deadline.
The ABSOLUTE deadline for film submissions is Sunday August 10th 2014.
You should know by early September if your film has been selected for the festival.

Films will be judged by our panel of judges (to be announced closer to the date). Films will also be judged by the audiences at each of the four main tour venues (Galway, Dublin, Cork & Castlebar). The People’s Choice Award will be announced at the end of the November tour.

Festival Awards
Grand Jury Winner = Best overall film as decided by our judges.
Best Short Film = Best film under 20 minutes as decided by our judges.
Best Amateur Film = Best amateur film under 20 mins as decided by our judges.
People’s Choice Award = Best film as decided by the audience.

Films that solely promote a business won’t be considered (e.g. Max Powers Climbing Clinic). We’re ok with sponsors featuring in films.
This is an adventure sports and culture film festival. Your film should reflect that. 
This is a family friendly affair so keep it clean

Submission of your film may mean that your film is used as part of the festival tour in 2014 and 2015. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions about this.

 Submit Your Film

Need to find music for your film?

Got a film but not sure where to source music for your soundtrack? Well good news my friends. We here at WNAFF have our very own FREE music library. Check out our music catelgoue on the MUSIC page. 

Still can’t find music that you like. Try these other free(ish) music sites.

Vimeo Music – Awesome site. Choose between free, personal and inde production price ranges.

Right Clearing – Great, easy to use.

Friendly Music – Over 5 million tracks downloaded. By far the most used site. Effective musical mood map too which helps you find the right type of track for the mood of your film..

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