2015 Film Selection

Red Dot On THe Ocean

Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story - Irish Premiere

Red Dot on the Ocean is a riveting film about a troubled youth who becomes a sailing legend, earning two Guinness World Records. Matt Rutherford was an angry teen with learning disabilities; a petty criminal who lived on the streets. Sailing saved him from a life of crime, or worse. Matt became the first to sail alone, without stopping around North and South America. His beat up boat was as tiny as his budget, yet he raised $120,000 for disabled sailors while braving icebergs, the Arctic and Cape Horn. After 309 days at sea, he returned to a hero's welcome and 30 dollars in the bank. Since completing around the Americas circumnavigation, Matt has founded a non-profit to conduct ocean research, and completed two major voyages, one in the Atlantic and one across the pacific. Matt's story makes us feel we can do more than we imagined.

What our judges had to say: "Just a really compelling adventure story. It really explored how adventure can change a person's life." - Roisin Finlay

"A compelling and timely adventure epic. Few films will rival the scope, and none exceed the scale, of this journey. What Matt has accomplished is testament to the capacity for each of us". - DB Palmer

Directed by:  Amy Flannery
Produced by: Amy Flannery, Tory Salvia, Stephanie Slewka.
Starring: Matt Rutherford
Origin: USA
Year: 2014

Genre: Single Handed Sailing / Adventure
Time:  77 minutes


frozen titans

Frozen Titans - Irish Premiere

A story about Will Gadd pushing the boundary of a sport through his imagination and dedication. The unique spray ice formations at Helmcken Falls, British Columbia provide a stunning backdrop and ultimate challenge. Considered the hardest ice and mixed climbing in the world, the 140-meter cave is a terrifying complex of giant, overhung icicles. It has become Gadd’s obsession and the leading edge of modern ice climbingl

  What our judges had to say: "Beautifully shot. The camera work, location, and soundscape are stellar". - DB Palmer
Directed by:  Bryan Smith, David Pearson
Produced by: Bryan Smith, David Pearson, Wolfgang Merkel
Starring: Will Gadd
Origin: Canada
Year: 2014

Genre: Ice Climbing
Time: 52 minutes


from the road

From The Road- Irish Premiere

In 2009, Eric Henderson was living his dream life as lead ski guide for Valdez Heli Ski Guides on the Thompson Pass corridor. Without warning, Eric was suddenly plucked away from Valdez due to life altering neck injury he sustained while attempting to ski one of the most iconic peaks in the Chugach, Meteorite mountain. 5 years later, Eric along with Dyanfit's North American team, return to Valdez for the first time since his accident to get redemption on the mountain that changed the course of his life.

Directed by:  Mark Fisher, Eric Daft
Produced by: Mark Fisher, Eric Daft
Starring: Eric Henderson,Cody Barnhill, Andrew Whiteford, Jamie Laidlaw,Marshall Thompson,Donny Roth
Origin: USA
Year: 2014

Genre: Skiiing, Adventure
Time:  21 minutes


West to the Sea

West to the Sea - Irish Premiere

In 2013 Dave Chamberlain became the first person to run solo and unsupported 8100km across Canada. Beginning at Care Spear, Newfoundland and finished 5 months and 1 day later on the beach in Toffino, BC. When Dave meets Tom, with a PhD in possibility and empowerment, the topic quickly dominates.

Directed by:  Morgan Cardiff
Produced by: Accidental Productions
Starring: Dave Chamberlain
Origin: Canada
Year: 2015

Genre: Long Distance Running
Time:  11 minutes


MTB Bothy Nights

Mountain Bikes & Bothy Nights
Irish Theatrical Premiere

An imaginary journey round Scotland, linking together wild bothies and landscapes. Apart from one day, when I was joined by a friend, I made this trip by myself, filming it all myself. I used a car to do the grunt work between some of the locations as they are spread all over Scotland.

Directed by:  Alastair Humphreys
Starring: Alastair Humphreys
Origin: Scotland
Year: 2013

Genre: Adventure, MTB
Time: 9 minutes


valley uprising

Valley Uprising

The greatest untold story of American counterculture is that of the Yosemite Valley rock climbers. For 50 years, Yosemite’s cliffs have drawn explorers and madmen to leave materialism behind and venture onto the high, lonesome granite. The characters of Yosemite carved out an “extreme bohemian” lifestyle, living as beatnik vagabonds, clashing with National Park authorities and pioneering the boldest climbs on Earth. The torch has been passed across generations of climbers; through rivalries, tragedies and triumphs, the art of climbing has exceeded imagination. This is the riveting tale of this bold tradition: half a century’s struggle against the laws of gravity -and the laws of the land.

  What our judges had to say: "A tour-de-force film for adventurers. Valley Uprising takes the adventure film genre to heights never yet achieved, and leaves us both yearning for the past and hoping that our future will hold bigger and better things". - DB Palmer
Directed by:  Nick Rosen,Peter Mortimer,Josh Lowell
Starring: Many,many climbers
Origin: USA
Year: 2014

Genre: Climbing
Time: 98 minutes


William smells of wet hairy dog!

Fat Biking Irish Theatrical Premiere

A Fat-bike Adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way

Directed by:  William O' Connor
Produced by: Gary Daveron
Starring:William O'Connor,Garry Daveron
Origin: Ireland
Year: 2013

Genre: Fat Biking
Time: 3 minutes


Frank and the tower

Frank & The Tower - Irish Premiere

The first time Frank Sanders saw Devils Tower was in the sudden brilliance of a lightning strike. It sent a wave of dread through him, but, the next day, he climbed the tower. Forty years later, he’s repeated that act more than 2,000 times, and learned a thing or two about life along the way.

Directed by:  Brendan Leonard,Fitz Cahall
Starring: Frank Sanders
Origin: USA
Year: 2014

Genre: Climbing
Time:  5 minutes



Twenty Eight Feet: Life on a Little Wooden Boat
Irish Theatrical Premiere

Twenty Eight Feet is a short documentary about David Welsford, who has given up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50 year old wooden boat he restored from a scrap heap. Featuring music from Bahamas, Acres & Acres and Ben Howard!

Directed by:  Kevin A Fraser
Produced by: Kevin A Fraser, Melani Wood
 David Welsford

Origin: Canada
Year: 2013

Genre: Sailing
Time: 8:34 minutes


meet on a hill

Meet On A Hill: An Evening Out With Friends Irish Theatrical Premiere

Too busy? Working too hard? Friends spread far and wide? A short film about making time for adventure and friends. #microadventure

Directed by:  Alastair Humphreys
Starring: Lots of Alastair's friends

Origin: UK
Year: 2014

Genre: Adventure
Time: 5 minutes


edge of impossible

The Edge of Impossible
Irish Theatrical Premiere

Showcasing the unlimited potential of the human spirit and friendship, The Edge Of Impossible follows Tony Schmiesing's journey to become the first quadriplegic to heli-ski the rarefied backcountry of the Chugach Mountain Range in Alaska, the Mecca of the extreme freeskiing world.

Directed by:  Conor Toumarkine
Produced by: Conor Toumarkine, Roy Tuscany
Starring: Tony Schmiesing,Brian Sheckler,Duncan Sisson,Travis Callison

Origin: USA
Year: 2014

Genre: Skiiing
Time: 14 minutes


Karun - Irish Premiere

Two British adventurers set out to follow Iran's longest river, aiming to go beyond the politics and showcase the culture and geography of this misunderstood nation. But they soon begin to wonder if they've bitten off more than they can chew…

Directed by:  Leon Mc Carron,Tom Allen
Produced by: Black Diamond
Starring: Leon Mc Carron,Tom Allen

Origin: UK
Year: 2015

Genre: Adventure
Time: 16 minutes


Denali  Irish Theatrical Premiere

There's no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they've supported you through your darkest moments. Ben Moon reflects on a life well lived and a dog that lived up to the the name, Denali.

Directed by:  Ben Knight
Produced by: Ben Moon
Starring: Denali, Ben Moon

Origin: USA
Year: 2015

Genre: Lifestyle
Time: 8 minutes

the important places

The Important Places Irish Theatrical Premiere

In 2013, filmmaker Forest Woodward took his 77-year-old father, Doug, on a Grand Canyon river trip, Doug’s first time back on the Colorado since he paddled it 43 years ago in a homemade kayak. Forest, hoping the trip will help him learn what his father was like as a young man, discovers different answers about family, getting older, and the landscapes that form our memories.

Directed by:  Gnarly Bay, Forest Woodward
Produced by: Gnarly Bay
Starring: Forest Woodward,Doug Woodward

Origin: USA
Year: 2015

Genre: Adventure, Rafting
Time: 10 minutes


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