The Why Not? Adventure Film Festival (WNAFF), started off in 2012 as a small volunteer run event. We had just under 20 film submissions and about  100 people attended.  Fast forward to 2015 and we recieved 167 film submissions from 37 countries, 14 of which screened to an audience of about 680 people.

The festival has three aim's.

1. To inspire people to undertake their own adventures - no matter how small.
2. To honour the filmmakers and athletes that bring their vision of the outdoors to us!
3. To add meaningful value to our partners.

Stories are shared through films and speakers and always over post festival pints!

Meet Graham Clarke, Founder & Festival Co-ordinator.

Graham Clarke, Founder and Festival Director

Hello there! A little about me. Been into the outdoors since the age of 5. Studied Adventure Management and Outdoor Education & Business Studies at college in Ireland and the USA and hold an MSc in Sustainable Development.

Have a knack for getting lost despite my best efforts. Once lived in a tent for 10 months! Travelled to 36 countries so far - kayaking, trekking and climbing. Made a kayaking movie called Huckd a long time ago...

More recently, in 2014, after watching Mc Conkey and Janapar: Love on a Bike at our 2013 festival myself and my wife of one year decided to quit our jobs and go cycling 2,200km though Asia, hiking around New Zealand and hangout in Patagonia. We called it our MegaMoon. Probably the best experience of my life.

Currently living in the stunning west coast of Ireland.

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