Galway 25th & Castlebar 30th
 Oct 2014 

Meet the Team

The  Why Not? Adventure Film Festival is run by Graham & Charlotte based out of Galway, Ireland.

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MEET GRAHAM - This is all his fault!
"So I guess this bad boy is my doing. I've been toying around with the idea for the  Why Not? Adventure Film Festival for about six years. While in the  final year of my honours degree in Outdoor Education @ GMIT Castlebar myself and a couple of buddies made a kayaking DVD. Which we sold internationally. Despite the rather numerous coffee fuelled all nighters I pulled that year as I learned how to (badly) edit and produce an adventure film, the hardest part for me was  sourcing the soundtrack. So this idea, this festival,  grew out of that problem. Ireland has a world class pedigree when it comes to it's adventurers. Both past and present. And we have an amazing musical talent in these here shores. This festival is an attempt to bring these two worlds together and have some fun in the process. "

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 MEET CHARLOTTE - She's French! 
"Dia guit! I did most of my studies in France (Nancy and Lyon) and ended up with a MA in Culture and Communications from Lyon Political Sciences Institute. Beside this, I have always been a “Weekend warrior adventurer” looking for outdoors opportunities but sometimes, I had to limit myself to wave surfing or snow shredding in films, indoors climbing and attending some BMX and skate contests. 
After I completed my one year duty as a cultural coordinator for Auckland French Language and Cultural Institute (Alliance Française), I had plenty of opportunities to travel (New Zealand, Australia and Europe) and answered the ocean and mountain calls. I got some air on the snowboard, -poorly- surfed, wake boarded, sea kayaked, white water rafted waterfalls and tried out some other cool activities such as slacklining, tandem longboard and sand surfing. And, here I am, back in one of my favourite countries to join the WNAFF team for great nights of adrenaline pumping entertainment, inspiring adventure stories and amazing scenery."

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MEET M-P - IT nerd and Communication assistant


"More wine and cheese than there ever was, with another Frenchie joining the WNAFF crew! Coming straight from Strasbourg, I will be helping with the festival as my studies' final assignment, and it is my first time coming to Ireland, which I am super excited about! I haven't had the chance to travel much despite being a "language adventurer" (I spent my Secondary School years studying in Germany and came back to France to focus my studies on English and Japanese). Luckily, films like those shown by the WNAFF give an opportunity to people like me who don't go out much to be amazed by awesome scenery and great stories! I'm also a huuuge IT nerd and filmholic, which makes me all the more interested in this festival... I can't wait to bring my touch to this festival and watch the films you guys come up with!"

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