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Our Adventure Week in Review

Once again this week we've rounded up the best and most jaw dropping adventure sports stories and articles we have found on the web just for you! From news of the release of the rather awesome Irish production The Summit to wheelchair moto cross, we've included it all!


Interview with Katie Mc Anena

In this, our first podcast with international Irish windsurfer Katie Mc Anenea (26) we talk about windsurfing Jaws, diet, and how she motivates herself to get up at 4am after 13 hours of work as a doctor. We also talk about managing fear on big waves. Unfortunately this being our first podcast the quality isn't perfect, but Katie tells a great story and is a true inspiration and joy to talk to.
Podcat with Katie



A Cycle Through France

Laura Hengehan is cycling from Westport to Italy. Pretty awesome way to spend a summer? We thought so anyway!  Starting from her departure point in Co. Mayo backed by the Westport Smarter Travel team, she left Ireland on July 1st with the 5 week journey will come to its conclusion in Trento, northern Italy on July 31st!


Read her latest post here on her journey from Strasbourg to Bodensee here


The End of the Adventure?

Ever wanted to just let go and pursue your adventure? Forget work, college, whatever!? Galway born windsurfer Katie McAnena has just finished a year living her ‘adventure’ which included tackling the famous Jaws wave in Hawaii amongst some amazing experiences.  How does she feel after her ‘adventure’ ? Like the luckiest person alive she says!

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