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Surfing North of the Sun

Back in 2012 Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum spent nine months of cold, Norwegian winter in the isolated and uninhabited bay of a remote, arctic island by the coast of Northern-Norway, facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean.If you’ve seen the inspirational and beautiful adventure film North of the Sun you’ll really enjoy this interview. If you haven’t seen the film - watch it today. It’ll be the best €4.67 you’ve spent all month.


How to prepare for an 'impossible' trip - Kayaking The Aleutians with Justine Curgenven

Justine Curgenven is an expedition sea kayaker and an inspirational adventure filmmaker. Her latest film Kayaking The Aleutians has won numerous awards at adventure film festivals across the globe.In her most recent expedition with teammate Sarah Outen, the two became the first to kayak the Aleutian Island chain from Adak to Homer Alaska. It was 4 months and 1500 miles of kayaking in a remote landscape with strong winds, fast currents, and rugged coastlines.

Podcast with the inspirational Breifne Earley.

 Breifne Earley

 Meet Irishman Breifne Early. A truly inspirational figure who has turned his life around in less than five years. 5 years ago Breifne was contemplating suicide. Now he's in (and leading) the worlds longest race. A race of 18,000+ miles. From that dark place he has since changed his life. Dramatically. Like, really dramatically!


Raffle winner takes on Ben Nevis

Castlebar attendee Allan McGee was the winner of our Grand Prize raffle at the festival last year. For Christmas, Santa came to him and not to me (I booked a lot of tickets for friends online hoping to increase my chances to win).

Our festival partners Concern Challenge were good enough to offer a 4 day trekking trip  to one of our attendees from the West Highland Way to Ben Nevis, the British Isles' highest peak.

Mayo man Allan McGee from Achill turned out to be the right man for the trip. Already an adventure sports enthusiast, he enjoys climbing, ice climbing, paddling, surfing and walking high summits. He was on this Scottish adventure from the 1st - 4th of August this year.



Our Adventure Week in Review

Once again this week we've rounded up the best and most jaw dropping adventure sports stories and articles we have found on the web just for you! From news of the release of the rather awesome Irish production The Summit to wheelchair moto cross, we've included it all!

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