A Cycle Through France

Laura Hengehan is cycling from Westport to Italy. Pretty awesome way to spend a summer? We thought so anyway!  Starting from her departure point in Co. Mayo backed by the Westport Smarter Travel team, she left Ireland on July 1st with the 5 week journey will come to its conclusion in Trento, northern Italy on July 31st!


Read her latest post here on her journey from Strasbourg to Bodensee here


The End of the Adventure?

Ever wanted to just let go and pursue your adventure? Forget work, college, whatever!? Galway born windsurfer Katie McAnena has just finished a year living her ‘adventure’ which included tackling the famous Jaws wave in Hawaii amongst some amazing experiences.  How does she feel after her ‘adventure’ ? Like the luckiest person alive she says!


White Glory - Skiing in Telluride



Telluride has always held a certain mystique for me. Growing up we watched ski and snowboard videos every year in the months before the snow fell, while dreaming of the winter to come. I lived in a small town in British Columbia. The exotic names of the ski resorts we saw always got jumbled together, Vail, Squaw Valley, Chamonix, but one always stood out — Telluride.


25 Things You Need to be an Explorer!

“I am going to become an adventurer like you!” a young fella wrote to me this morning with great attitude, and continued somewhat hesitant; “But what equipment is important for me to buy?”

Today most people who make a career within adventure and expeditions, initially have very little outdoor or wilderness experience. For this reason, I have done a list of 25 essential items of kit which is needed for today’s adventurer to have a good start and enjoy this quite extreme life. Use this list as a base and you will enjoy this great life!


Great ideas for a low cost adventure travel holiday



Have you always dreamed of hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? What about bungee jumping from the world’s current highest jump point, the Royal Gorge Bridge in America? If you’re an adrenaline junkie, these types of adventure holidays are probably ranked high on your to-do list, but you might be worried about the high price tag that comes with them. Follow these tips to have the adventure of a lifetime without incurring all the costs:


Sleeping Wild? Some Dos and Don'ts

The Legality and Safety of Sleeping Wild

Sleeping in a tent is great. I love it. But for a quick, cheap, single night microadventure a bivvy bag is brilliant. Granted, if it pours with rain you won’t have the nicest night of your life. But on a clear, dry night when you can stare at the stars until you fall asleep and then wake with the first rays of sunrise on your face, there’s nothing better.

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