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Graham and I checked out 'The Summit' when it opened in Irish Cinemas last November. If you haven’t watched it yet, here is 6 reasons why I recommend you watch ‘The Summit’:

 1.   You have always wanted to know everything about the perils of climbing K2, the second highest mountain on Earth and one of the deadliest ( 1 in 4 die on the mountain)

It’s hard to imagine a 1/4 death rate on a mountain. Does altitude drive you crazy? What choices to make in exceptional survival situations? Feelings of climbers’ relatives left behind? Ordinary people understandings and judgement? The documentary answers to all of these questions.

2.   It's a true story

24 adventurers from around the world; 11 deaths on the descent, it’s the kind of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

3.   It's an Irish Production

With Dublin man Nick Ryan as a director, co-produced by Kerry man Pat Falvey, the film has already thrilled Irish audiences at the Dublin International Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival and the Cork Film Festival and many other international film festivals. If that wasn't enough to make you proud to be Irish, the documentary focuses on Limerick man Ger McDonnell who died trying to save lives.

4. It presents different heroes, notably the Sherpas, than the Press presented at the time of the events

Ironically, the Press left before Sherpa Pemba Gyalje who had crucial information had even returned from K2. The movie illustrates fantastically well the event press coverage’s controversial issues.

5. It's a fantastic recollection and work to resolve the pieces of the mystery of what happened during the 2008 expedition

There is a fantastic beyond the scene work to resolve the mystery around the climbers’ death by piecing together many pictures and recordings from different supporting source material, along with interviews with all the protagonists, relatives, and scene recreations.

6. Because it’s the kind of movie that makes you continue to think after the lights turn on in the Cinema

I don’t know about  you guys but  I can – I admit it –  enjoy a  block buster or a never ending action movie without any kind of plot from time to time BUT the movies that I really enjoy are those which I am still thinking about at the end, and leave me in a sort of mixed up emotional cloud.

‘The Summit’ makes you think, and question, and leaves your head a blur. And if you needed a reason you will probably be tempted to read the book in search of more information about this extraordinary story straight after watching the film.


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