Running the Earths Toughest Footrace - the Marathon des Sables

Marathon De Sables is known as the toughest footrace on Earth. It’s a brutal six marathons in six days. In the Sahara. With a backpack. Sarah Williams recently completed this gruelling challenge and discusses the experience in this week's podcast with The Pursuit Zone.

“I can be very’ve got to have belief in the training that you’re doing.” - Sarah Williams

It was on a solo South American backpacking journey in 2013 when Sarah Williams decided she’d had enough of office work and was energized to start Tough Girl Challenges – a website and podcast aimed at inspiring listeners through inspirational stories from adventurous women.

You can learn more about Sarah at her website

Total Listening Time: 47 mins

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Running the Marathon des Sables with Sarah Williams



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About The Pursuit Zone podcasts.

What do you call the area outside of the comfort zone?  It’s called The Pursuit Zone.  The idea behind The Pursuit Zone is to interview people that dream big, get out of their comfort zones, and accomplish ambitious pursuits.


Selected Links from the Episode

Marathon De Sables (MDS) - The Toughest Footrace on Earth

Vision Boards - The Reason Vision Boards Work and How to Make One


Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil - not to be confused with the Sugar Loaf in Wicklow :)

Easter Island

Villarrica Volcano

Death Road - the world's most dangerous road.

Tough Girl Challenges

UN Women

Mt. Elbrus

Chronic Fatigue


Paleo Food

Compression Gear - Hype or Helpful.

2XU - the compression apparel Sarah used in the MDS.


Walking With The Wounded

Google ‘MDS Feet’ - it’s gross!

What does RSS stand for


Show Notes

01:20 - The decision to start travelling.

04:17 - Most memorable moment.

06:21 - Most challenging moment.

08:36- The origin of Tough Girl Challenges.

10:50 - The madness that is Marathon De Sables (MDS)

16:20 - Training for Marathon De Sables.

21:06 - What's the cost. Financially.

24:00 - What gear you’ll need for the race.

26:47 - What it's like running the MDS day-to-day

28:12 - What were the other competitors like?

29:22 - Sarah talking about one of her highlights of the MDS.

31:07 - Poorly potty trained endurance runners.

33:05 - Most memorable moment from the race.

38:09 - Sarah’s biggest lesson from the MDS experience.

40:49 - And advice for those looking to take on the MDS challenge.

44:45 -On the topic of her Tough Girl Challenges podcasts.

45:49 - What’s next?

Did you enjoy the podcast? We’ll be sharing more podcasts from The Pursuit Zone in coming months. Got someone you’d like  interviewed? Let us know by getting in contact with Paul at The Pursuit Zone or in the comments below.


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