A 1,480km Solo Trek on The Great Himalayan Trail

World firsts, getting lost for two days in a forest and leeches as travelling companions. Former British soldier Doc Mc Kerr  shares the inspiring adventure story  of his solo 1,460km trek across The Great Himalayan Trail. 

“I did however get lost [...] in a forest for two days after I crossed the pass” .

“As you walked to the lower reaches you would get a lot of leeches. Which was more frustrating than anything else”.

“ I spoke to a few insurance companies. They wouldn’t touch me”.

- Doc Mc Kerr

The Great Himalaya Trail is one of the highest and longest trails in the world. Between April and June of 2013, Doc McKerr became the first person to solo trek the Great Himalayan Trail on a 65 day, 1480 km trek in Nepal from east to west.

His route took him through some of the world’s most amazing and difficult landscapes as he trekked through Himalayan foothills, forests, jungles, and remote villages. In total he passed over thirteen 5000+ meter passes and reached two 5000+ meter base camps while exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. You can learn more about his adventure at 

Total Listening Time : 33mins

Click on the image to listen.Solo Trekking 1,480km on The Great Himalayan Trail


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Show Notes

It’s all in the planning.

01:06 - A bit about Doc’s background.

04:20 - Planning the trip.

05:25 - Was it difficult to travel through Nepal.

09:00 - Safety on the trail.

10:42 - The thorn in every traveller's side that is insurance.

11:25 - How Doc funded the expedition.

14:10 - High and low points of the trip.

16:28 - Navigating the trail.


Getting lost for two days, motivation and takeaways.

18:46 - Getting lost in a high Himalayan forest for two days - a guide.

24:26 - Doc talking about how his body held up on the trip.

25:58 - What motivated him to keep going.

27:40 - The dangers of the trail.

30:12 - What would he do different next time.

31:00 - Biggest takeaway.

32:06 - What's Next?  


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