3 Years By Horse from Mongolia to the Danube.

Meet Tim Cope, a truly inspiring adventurer, award winning adventure filmmaker and author. In this podcast with The Pursuit Zone Tim talks about his inspirational and spectacular 3 year (three YEARS! )  journey by horse from Mongolia to the Danube.

“ I found out a lot about horse rustling during the journey!”

“In Mongolia they have a saying. If you don’t solve your problem by the morning, you won’t solve it at all”.

“ A man without friends on the Steppe is a narrow as a finger. A man with friends is  as wide as the Steppe”.

- Tim Cope

Meet Tim.

For 3 years Tim Cope traveled by horseback through the Eurasian steppe from the ancient capital city of Karakoram in Mongolia to the Danube River in Hungary.  It was a 6000-mile journey last attempted in the days of Ghengis Khan.  For most of the journey he was alone except for his horses and his dog named Tigon.  The adventure was a tribute to the nomadic way of life.  Along the way he encountered a cast of very interesting characters.  Some were thieves not to be trusted yet most proved to be incredibly generous.  You can learn more by reading his book titled On The Trail of Genghis Khan, An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads – and from his website  

Total Listening Time: 40 mins

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Tim Cope

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About The Pursuit Zone podcasts.

What do you call the area outside of the comfort zone?  It’s called The Pursuit Zone.  The idea behind The Pursuit Zone is to interview people that dream big, get out of their comfort zones, and accomplish ambitious pursuits.

Selected Links from the Episode

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What’s a recumbent bike?

Tim’s Yenisey River expedition

The unusually interesting history of the domestication of the humble horse.

Genghis Khan

What is the Steppe?


How the Stalin era rule of Kazakhstan in 1930-33  led to a famine that claimed the lives of 1.5 million people,

The tiny ex-Soviet Republic you’ve never heard of and the only region in Europe where Buddhism is practiced by a plurality of the population.

Crimean Tatars

Danube River

Tim’s AMAZING  Book - On the Trail of Genghis On the Trail of Genghis Khan: An Epic Journey Through the Land of the Nomads

Tim on Social Media



Show Notes

Horse thieves, a $10 a day budget and keeping motivated.

01:10  - Why Tim dropped out of Law school.

04:20 - Travelling by horse through Mongolia.

05:20 - How long did it take you to plan the adventure?

08:20 - A $10 a day budget.

09:55 - Horse thieves, friendly locals and earning your nomadic credentials.

13:32 - The incredible history of the Steppe.

16:34 - Best memories.

22:28 - Tim talking about the death of his faster while travelling.

25:12 - Most memorable person.

28:40 - On keeping motivated and the difficult reality of filming one your own while looking after three horses and a dog.

38:30 - What's next?

Did you enjoy the podcast? We’ll be sharing more podcasts from The Pursuit Zone in coming months. Got someone you’d like  interviewed? Let us know by getting in contact with Paul at The Pursuit Zone or in the comments below.

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