Shatner Disrupts Filming at WNAFF 2013

A team off disgruntled method actors led by veteran Star Trek actor William Shatner today boycotted the planned promotional video shoot for WNAFF 2013.

Shatner, made famous for his supporting role in the hit movie Miss Congeniality has long be an advocate for actor rights. Commenting on the boycott Shatner slammed the WNAFF production crew stating that the catering facilities on site ‘weren’t fit for pigs’ and that the entire production was run by a group of ‘gobshites’.

Talking exclusively to WNAFF News, members of the production crew expressed resentment at Shatners interference. ‘There’s no denying Shatner is a genius. Just look at what he did for revival the of Brit pop band Pulp with his ‘Common People’ rendition. But this time he’s crossed the line’ exclaimed one production crew member. Several members of the crew labelled Shatner a ‘muppet’.

Neither side would be drawn on the specifics on the disagreement, although it’s believed to centre around caterings choice of sandwiches and soup.

Filming is expected to resume again next Saturday 19th in Barna Woods, Galway, Ireland.

Disclaimer: This may not have actually happened.

Last modified onSunday, 10 August 2014 21:18
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