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Screen debuts and crazy dogs – Shooting the Promo Video


In fairness, when you’re helping to organise a film festival, it’s only right that everyone should get involved in some filming in the process. So that’s exactly what our small team (well, except for Charlotte who was away surfing) did last Saturday along with some awesome volunteers as we made the official Why Not? Adventure Film Festival 2013 promotional video.

It all started with a major executive (ahem!) brainstorming meeting last August in Kelly’s bar where myself, Graham, his soon-to-be wife Mary and our resident filmmaker and friend of the festival Colin O’Halloran (Supercali Media) met up and asked ourselves what kind of video did we want to make. Then perhaps more importantly, what kind of video would people actually enjoy watching. It soon stuck us that what many Irish people like is Father Ted.

With this in mind, our ideas led us to Graham Norton’s unforgettable turn in Ted’s tiny caravan. From there, we realised all adventures didn’t need to be outdoors. A lot more guts and determination were probably needed to squeeze into a tiny caravan full of set-dancing priests than kayaking on a wet and windy day in February.

So, with careful tweaking, we had our concept. Then, after overcoming some pesky on-set industrial relations problems, we pitched up in Barna woods last Saturday to shoot the video.

To be honest, from novices like myself to the method actors in the group (including one particular energetic dog who entered the scene and covered more ground  circling our equipment than your average triathlon participant!) Colin made our task as straight forward as they possibly could be. He was as efficient as we expected him to be and the concept was captured perfectly. But wait you say, how did he do that? Well, you’ll just have to wait to see the video! It’s coming soon we promise. In the meantime, enjoy this footage of our canine friend running wild on set… (*What? We don’t have the footage? Colin took away the camera in case the dog would knock it?*)

Oh well… I guess you’ll have to imagine that part….

- Martin

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