Why Not Start An Adventure Film Festival?

IN this candid podcast with The Pursuit Zone , Graham Clarke the festival coordinator discusses why he started the Why Not? Adventure Film Festival, the realities of running it and how two films inspired both he and his wife to quit their jobs and travel the world for 12 months.

“ You can’t out BANFF, BANFF”.

“ Life is very finite. On your deathbed you’re unlikely to wish you’d spent more time behind your computer or desk. You’ll have wished you’d spent it with loved ones. Or going on little adventures”.

- Graham Clarke

Now in its 5th year based in Galway Ireland, the Why Not? Adventure Film Festival  aims to bring the vision of film-makers and athletes to a wider audience and to inspire people to take up an adventure no matter how small. Graham himself was inspired after seeing the films McConkey and Janapar: Love on a Bike. So inspired, in fact, that he and his wife quit their day jobs and spent a year cycling 2,200 km in South-east Asia, tramping the south island of New Zealand, 3.5 months living in Buenos Aires and 2 months travelling through Patagonia.

Graham talks about once having lived in a tent for 10 months, adjusting to life after travelling and turning a passion project into a viable business. And speaks some terrible Spanish!

Total Listening Time : 39 minutes.

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The 2016 Why Not? Adventure Film Festival title sponsor is once again our good friends at Landon Carver.  Landon Carver design, develop and deliver EU funded work placement opportunities for Irish Outdoor Adventure/Education and Activity participants. They’re frick’in awesome!

“Landon Carver's work placement programmes are the best thing to happen to outdoor instructors in Ireland in years.” - Russell Pullin, Delphi Adventure Resort

About The Pursuit Zone podcasts.

What do you call the area outside of the comfort zone?  It’s called The Pursuit Zone.  The idea behind The Pursuit Zone is to interview people that dream big, get out of their comfort zones, and accomplish ambitious pursuits.


Selected Links from the Episode

Icelandic Tents - Beloved and hated by Scouts worldwide.

Mc Conkey - The Movie.

Janapar: Love on a Bike.

Spice Roads Cycle Tours

Kao Tao Island, Thailand.

World Cycle Race

Crazy Guy On A Bike Blog.

Mueller Hut, New Zealand.

W Trail, Patagonia.

Claremorris, Co.Mayo. - famous for its mild and temperate townsfolk.

Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

5 Point Film Festival.

BANFF Mountain Film Festival.


Irish Whitewater Film Festival

Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme

An Taisce - The Irish National Trust

Eco Unesco

The Next Challenge Expedition Grant

Show Notes

Talking about the decision to quit our jobs and go travelling for 12 months.

01:19 - Why I lived in a tent for 10 months.

03:00 - Huck’d 2.0. Older. Fatter. Slower!  

06:00 - What inspired me and Mary to quit our jobs and travel the world.

09:00 - Talking about the logistics of wrapping up your life and going travelling.

14:02 - Best memories from 12 months of travelling.

18:45 - Adjusting to life after travelling.

21:50 - The most unexpected thing that happened during our travels.


Speaking about the Why Not? Adventure Film Festival.

23:00 - Why bother setting up an adventure film festival?

27:31 - How to start an adventure film festival.

28:00 - What I thought would be involved in running the Why Not? Adventure Film Festival originally.

31:08 - Will the festival pay me what I need to live?

34:12 - Talking about the opportunities that running the festival has provided me .

People Mentioned

Tom Allen

Shane Mc Conkey

Eric Shipton

Breifne Earley

Paul Behan - The man. The legend.

Alastair Humphreys

Leo Houlding - One of the world's best climbers and keynote speaker at WNAFF16

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